The Biggest Lies You’ll Ever Hear Are In Your Head, Masquerading As Your Own Thoughts

Your thoughts are not always right. This book will change how you think about your thoughts as you look unto Christ.

Knowing Yourself: An Eternal, Independent, Self-Governing Being

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Though we can scarcely wrap our mortal minds around the vast concept of eternity or something always existing—having no beginning and no end—Joseph wants us to do our best to grasp that concept. He wants us to not only understand that God is an eternal, self-existent being, he wants us to understand that the same truth applies to us. Of all the stunning eternal truths taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith, none outranks his teachings about who we are and how we relate to our Father in Heaven.

When it comes to conscious beings, the first startling truth is: In the beginning there was no beginning. All the conscious beings we refer to—in whatever state of progression they may be—Gods, angels, unembodied spirits, disembodiedspirits, mortal men, women and children—as conscious thinking individuals, none had a beginning.

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Over a period of a few months, the author Dennis R Deaton felt whisperings of the Spirit urging him to write a book for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in which he would distill his life’s work, writings, andchurch experience into a book dealing with the adversary’s meddlings and interference with our thoughts.

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Looking Unto CHRIST Will:


Alert you to the prevalence of Satan’s ploys and the specific tactics he uses against you.


Provide you with the mental skills to unmask “the liar within” and arm you with tools to repel him.


Encourage you to put greater trust in the promises of the Lord and strengthen your faith in obtaining them.


Inspire you to sanctify the Lord God in your heart by looking unto Christ in every thought.