A beautifully bound hardcover book. The deep blue binding is enhanced by gold embossed lettering. The dust cover features the original painting “Speak to the Storm” by Danny Halhbolm. This 7"x10" book has expanded margins providing ample space for notetaking.


7" X 10"

The supple texture of this 7"x10" softcover book features the artwork of artist Danny Halhbohm with front and back 3” French Flaps to mark your place. The expanded margins are great for making notations and cross-referencing.



This traditional softcover book offers the full content in a smaller package when fitting the book into your carry-on luggage outweighs the need for making notes in the margin. The cover also features the artwork of artist Danny Halhbohm.


The perfect edition for those who want access to all of their reading in one lightweight device.


We are so pleased the author put forth the extra effort to record the book in his own voice. Even if you like to read and underline as you go, we think you will still enjoy the author’s own emphasis that brings the written word to life.